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Girls Rock!

Girls rock! The Movie for you

Girls Rock! DVD now available , reviews are nice

strat We like this new review of the movie, says better than we can what it's about:

"Battling over band names, lyrical intent, microphone time, musical direction, and loose ideas of artistic merit (Amelia is a child who treasures her noise), these budding rock stars are a bewitching bundle of personalities who feel the triumph of every successfully landed riff and the familiar crush of social exclusion. It's a captivating five days inside the core of this exceptional outlet for creativity and expression; a film not just to be commended and enjoyed, but a remarkable camp that should be a requirement for every teen girl out there in dire need of empowerment and focus." - Brian Orndorf


Girls Rock! The Trailer

"Revolutionary, heartbreaking and laugh-out-loud funny. "-Seattle Magazine



We're now Mission Pictures!

"It's the best film of the new year" -ST Louis Post-Dispatch

Now that Girls Rock! is out there in the world on its own (just like a kid gone off to college!) we're moving on to other projects, as well as doing film work for others. If you'd like to check us out and follow along, you can find us at our new website!Of course you can still buy Girls Rock! merchandise here.